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3rd anniversary: BAIC as green citizen

3rd anniversary: BAIC as green citizen
January 21, 2019 Written by

 To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of BAIC Bank, the Acting General Manager and his team attended on Saturday, December 29, 2018, to the 5th edition of EcoRunning, an initiative of "Engagement Action Sociale" association of Mrs. IDOSSOU Sandra, which aims to fight against plastic waste. Armed with assorted tools such as gloves and bags to pick up plastic bags from the floor, the BAIC Bank team and some other participants embarked on 3 different paths of 6 kilometers each.

 The event, tending to clean up the city of Cotonou, involved several artists, staff of various media enterprises as well as some public authorities such as the Mayor of Cotonou, Mr. Isidore GNONLONFOUN and the Ministry of Environment’s Cabinet Director, Mrs. Jeanne Josette ACACHA AKOHA who invites to more responsibility: "It is an initiative that allows us to show people that we must pay attention now to our actions, we must gradually ban the use of plastic bags to support the efforts of the government to clean up our living environment".

As so aptly stated by the Acting General Manager of BAIC, Mr. Didier AYIBATIN, "BAIC Bank from its position has become the bank of all Beninese. We care about our civic responsibility, so we wanted to take part in this important activity. The population welfare is a common responsibility".

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