The Board of Directors

The Board has the overall responsibility for setting up the strategic direction of the Bank and also oversight of Senior Management. It also ensures that good Corporate Governance processes and best practices are implemented accross the Bank. The Board consists of individuals with diverse skills, chosen on the basis of their professional background and expertise as well as their knowledge of the Bank’s business. Directors are fully abreast of their responsibilities and are therefore able to apply good judgment on issues related to the Bank’s business. They act in good faith, with due diligence and skill and in the overall best interest of the Bank and stakeholders.

The General Management

The General Management exerts its powers within the scope of the BAIC corporate purpose and subject to the powers explicitly granted by law to Shareholders' Meetings and to the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group for discussion and reflection on the bank’s strategy and general importance issues. It consists of all the 10 department heads of BAIC.

Documents to download

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  • Rules and regulations
  • List of members of the Operating Committee
  • List of members of the Executive Committee